Aviation Hazard Management



The aviation industry has revolutionized how we transport goods and materials, travel and enhance military prowess. While this is in many ways a positive note for our society and economy, the aviation industry faces many difficulties when it comes to mitigating potential hazardous material spills and putting proper stormwater management protocol in place. Airports and other aviation facilities are targets for inspection by local, state, and federal governing agencies making your Flight Based Operation (FBO) to be held to higher levels of scrutiny. CF-S’s highly experienced team is here to help you face these difficulties with certainty and 100% compliance.

If your facility has an Oil Water Separator (OWS), we can show you how you can cut the costly servicing of this critical tool in half and bring about much needed awareness to your facility operations. Not many Safety products can lay claim to reducing annual maintenance costs; CF-S products can and will free up operations around your FBO to utilize more of your facility than ever before.

At Containment & Filtration Solutions, our team understands your risk for spills, chemical residue involved in daily aviation operations. That being said, CF-S is happy to provide aviation facilities with products that complement your existing best management practices (BMP’s) to offer leading-edge SPCC solutions and EPA compliance for stormwater runoff, in turn strengthening your chain of safety one link at a time.

CF-S has the drainage solutions for your facility.

Containment & Filtration Solutions for Aviation Facilities

Our number one priority here at Containment & Filtration Solutions is to provide facilities in multiple industries—including aviation, manufacturing and others—with EPA-friendly methods of protecting their sites from incurring fines related to improper chemical spill and stormwater management protocols. Here at Containment & Filtration Solutions, we believe that your operation is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain of safety. Let us strengthen your chain of BMP’s with our products. Our products, which can all be used at most aviation facilities, are innovative and:

  • Offer 100% protection on a 24/7/365 basis
  • ProActive not ReActive!
  • Shorten containment response time
  • Removes human element from response process ensuring containment
  • Filter pollutants, sediment and trash from stormwater runoff
  • Strengthens Oil Water Separators effectiveness while reducing Annual Cost
  • Awareness and Accountability to Day to Day operations within your Operations
  • Reduce your risk of fines and environmental damage done by your facility
  • Offer engineer-approved second containment solutions
  • Easily installed

We know your facility must use various chemicals to operate efficiently. This means you face risks and non-compliance issues if these elements enter into waterways via stormwater systems. If you are interested in learning more about how Containment & Filtration Solutions’ EPA-approved products can add an extra layer of environmental protection to your aviation facility, please reach out to our experienced team today!

Unsafe Materials in Aviation

There are vaious chemicals that produce industrial waste that the aviation industry must use for day-to-day operations. From cleaning and fueling aircraft to carrying out deicing and maintenance protocols, aviation tasks bring about environmental risks when the chemicals involved enter into facilities’ stormwater systems and surrounding watersheds. Some of the hazardous wastes in question include:

  • Cyanides
  • Oil and grease
  • Toxic metals
  • Acids and alkalies
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Detergents

Since these and additional unsafe materials are used on a regular basis in the aviation industry, it’s of the utmost importance to capture spills and runoff to stay in compliance. That’s where Containment & Filtration Solutions products come into play.