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Flush Mounted Valve Exposed

The “Other Guys” answer to standing water?? or is it??


Please remember The only reason the “Other Guy’s” is even bring this “flush mounted valve” up is due to the growing knowledge that the initial design was exposed in “Warning” article exposing the potential problems to customers about the standing water.

The “Other Guys” answer to standing water is the Flush Mounted Valve.  This is a second valve that is installed adjacent to the primary valve and flush with the bottom of the insert allowing for complete drainage. You probably were never offered the flush mounted valve when you were sold the unit and that is ok because it doesn’t work very well as you will see.  As seen in this Image below.

I believe the intent was sound but the application was very flawed.  It required an additional filter on top of the filter required at the primary valve. This second filter appears to be shorter in height than the primary but was approximately the same diameter.   Either way, I have only seen this flush mounted valve on a handful of units and have yet to see one with a filter on it.

I tried to put an SD filter on it and it was, awkward to say the least and I understood very quickly why I had never seen anyone use filters on the flush mounted design.   I think the idea was to crack the flush mount valve so no standing water occur??  This means that nothing passed through the primary valve??  So why didn’t the “other guy” just delete the primary valve??

A picture is worth a thousand words.

SafeDrain™ unit about to get upgraded to Drain Guardian™ conversion kit!

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You can see that the flush mounted valve filter basket is much lower than the primary filter??  The flush mount valve has a large plate that covers the flow opening, causing great restriction of flow and in turn clogging.

The primary filter basket is significantly taller than the flush mounted filter basket.  This design flaw meant to fix the standing water, created a new problem.  Debris is forced up against the flush mounted valve and causes clogging.  The diagram illustration even though rough shows the flow and restriction point on the design.  The flush mounted valve is rendered useless very quickly,  from what I have seen usually the first rain event.   None of the filter baskets were easily removable without disassembly making the units very hard to maintain and service.  The standing water created also damaged the mechanical function of the unit.  Bring to question whether the unit would even function when called upon.

Safe Drain Gear Box
This SafeDrain™ Gear Box was rusted so bad… it could not be closed!

The Primary Butterfly Valve then still holds significant water within the insert.  The insert again becomes a PETRIDISH of SLIM!  If that wasn’t enough to make you cringe, and the ODOR would put a less than normal look on your face when you walked by the inlet.


SafeDrain™ valve in open position with 5″ standing water


Mosquito larvae


Hopefully, these images tell more than what I have written about.

  1. standing water persisted
  2. two valves to operate when responding
  3. two valves to maintain
  4. two filters to buy and replace
  5. clogging of the flush mounted valve
  6. deterioration of the valves
  7. And most important ? will it work when called upon ??

Two Valves +Two Filters equals TWICE THE PROBLEMS!


There is a conversion kit available to fix these existing inserts and it works.  By keeping the design simple and clean, Drain Guardian™  Containment & Filtration Solutions (www.CF-S.co) have converted some of these defective/poorly designed  inserts with 100% success to date.

A Better Solution

Because of the inherent design issues with the Cameron Colson design and request from many customers, Containment & Filtration Solutions has designed and patented a solution called the Drain Guardian™. 10 Rotated (1)  The Drain Guardian™ is the only insert on the market with an under mounted valve design with multiple layers of filtration making it the most effective platform to address and target stormwater quality challenges, while still achieving & surpassing EPA and SPCC compliance regulations.  The Drain Guardian™ is the only platform on the market that offers both containment and filtration that does not hold water in the open position.  Drain Guardian has already been sold as a stand-alone insert, but is now available in an easily installed conversion kit for those who already own a stormwater insert and fear they may have a liability associated with their current insert.

Here are the advantages of the Drain Guardian™ product over competitive products that hold water.

  • Below-mounted design to eliminate standing water in the storm pan
  • Under-mounted gearbox to eliminate freeze/thaw issues
  • Improved filter design ensures higher capture and retention of pollutants
  • Enlarged filter sizes of 40%+, allowing for higher flow rates and long intervals
  • Easy-to-install and implement

The  Drain Guardian™ stormwater insert is a patented and proven design that eliminates standing water and valve deterioration due to exposure to standing water while providing filtration and containment when needed.  On CF-S site you can see a video showing the Drain Guardian™ operation in more detail. (Video)2016-05-10 11.21.16


For more information on the Drain Guardian™ and/or  Conversion Kit please visit our website at www.cf-s.co or call (855) 646-9237.

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