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Warning! Beware of Stormwater Product!

Leading stormwater inserts hold water when in ‘open’ position creating problems for odor, disease, and vectors.


In 2004, Cameron M. Colson patented a leading storm water drain insert that utilized a butterfly valve mounted inside the storm water insert that aided in spill control.  This Design was COPIED and sold under a trademark “SafeDrain”.  This design’s primary use is for spill control, is actually aiding an issue that has recently become huge pandemic issue.  This design HOLDS WATER in the open position, creating a pool of stagnant water to ferment.  A PETRIDISH of disgust that gives mosquitoes and bacteria a place to breed and thrive.  Don’t take my word see for yourself.

Here are some images of this “SafeDrain” unit:drainholdingwaterdrainholdingwater2

This design holds several inches of water even when in the open position!  zika-by-state-report_03-30-2016West Nile Virus, Zika Virus among many other issues related to mosquitoes have become a major concern across the United States with cases being reported in just about every state.  The CDC is currently viewing West Nile and Zika viruses as a major health concern.  Federal, state and local governments are calling out for any and all to help.

This standing water has also presented another issue,  deterioration of the gear box.  As see below, this gear box was corroded so bad is was inoperable.

Safe Drain Gear Box
This SafeDrain™ Gear Box was rusted so bad… it could not be closed!

If this user needed to call upon this “Safe Drain” in an emergency they would have been in big trouble!  This unit was in-place for approximately one year and had not been subjected to a freeze event so it does not take long for this damage to occur.   In areas subjected to freeze events this design fails almost every year.


A Better Solution

Because of the inherent design issues with the Cameron Colson design and request from many customers, Containment & Filtration Solutions has designed and patented a solution called the Drain Guardian™. The Drain Guardian™ is the only platform on the market that offers both containment and filtration that does not hold water in the open position.10 Rotated (1)  The Drain Guardian™ is the only containment insert on the market with an under mounted valve design that offers multiple filtration options making it the most effective platform to address and target stormwater quality challenges, while still achieving & surpassing SPCC & EPA compliance regulations.    Drain Guardian has already been sold as a stand-alone insert, but is now available in an easily installed conversion kit for those who already own a “SafeDrain” insert and fear they may have a liability.

Here are the advantages of the Drain Guardian™ product over competitive products that hold water.

  • Below-mounted design to eliminate standing water in the storm pan
  • Under-mounted gearbox to eliminate freeze/thaw issues
  • Improved filter design ensures higher capture and retention of pollutants
  • Enlarged filter sizes of 40%+, allowing for higher flow rates and long intervals
  • Easy-to-install and implement

For more information on the Drain Guardian™ and/or  Conversion Kit please visit our website at www.cf-s.co or call (855) 646-9237.

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