Construction Hazardous Waste Management

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In addition to erecting infrastructure, the construction industry is responsible for carrying out many operations ranging from land clearing and demolition to carpentry and floor work. Construction sites and equipment yards are targets for inspection by local, state, and federal governing agencies making your facility or job site’s to be held to a higher levels of scrutiny. CF-S’s highly experienced team is here to help you face these difficulties with certainty and 100% compliance.

CF-S has specific products that can assure absolute control over sediments and trash control, two of the bigger issues at most constructions sites. We also have products to help set up and operate wash areas before equipment is moved.

At Containment & Filtration Solutions, our team understands your risk for spills, chemical residue and sediments involved in daily operations. That being said, CF-S is happy to provide the construction industry with products that complement your existing best management practices (BMP’s) to offer leading-edge SPCC solutions and EPA compliance for stormwater runoff and spills, strengthening your chain of safety one link at a time. That’s why we provide the construction industry with top-of-the-line containment and filtration products that offer 100% compliance to EPA and SPCC regulations.

CF-S has the drainage solutions for your facility.

Containment & Filtration Solutions for Construction Sites

Our number one priority here at Containment & Filtration Solutions is to provide facilities in multiple industries—including aviation, manufacturing and others—with EPA-friendly methods of protecting their sites from incurring fines related to improper chemical spill and stormwater management protocols. Here at Containment & Filtration Solutions, we believe that your operation is only as strong as the weakest link in your chain of safety. Let us strengthen your chain of BMP’s with our products. Our products are innovative and:

  • Offer 100% protection on a 24/7/365 basis
  • ProActive not ReActive!
  • Stopping Sediment loss down Stormwater systems
  • Removes human element from response process ensuring containment
  • Filter pollutants, sediment and trash from stormwater runoff
  • Awareness and Accountability to Day to Day operations within your Operations
  • Reduce your risk of fines and environmental damage done by your facility
  • Offer engineer-approved second containment solutions
  • Easily installed

We know your facility must use various chemicals to operate efficiently. This means you face risks and non-compliance issues if these elements enter into waterways via stormwater systems. If you are interested in learning more about how Containment & Filtration Solutions’ EPA-approved products can add an extra layer of environmental protection to your facilities and construction sites, please reach out to our experienced team today!

Dangerous Construction Elements

In the construction industry, you have to carry out daily operations with hazardous materials and chemicals that could negatively impact public health and the environment—especially if those chemicals were to spill and/or enter surrounding waterways via stormwater runoff. Some of the most common elements used in the construction industry are:

  • Zinc – Used during the manufacture of galvanized metals and brass
  • Mercury – Utilized to coat metals
  • Iron oxide – Compound used for steel manufacture
  • Beryllium – Used alongside base metals as an alloying element
  • Cadmium – Used to coat steel as a rust preventative
  • Lead – Commonly used in painting, electrical and roofing projects

In addition to these dangerous elements, construction sites are also full of plastics, sediment, fabrics and gravel that can accumulate in runoff, which poses an environmental threat and brings along the risk of incurring compliance fines. This being the case, it’s vital to protect your construction site with SPCC solutions that contain spills and potentially dangerous runoff in order to stay legal. That’s where the proficient team at Containment & Filtration Solutions can be of assistance.