Spill Control with No Reaction Required
with 100% Containment Guaranteed!

Drain Guardian is an all inclusive spill control with no spill kit, no training, no deployment, that delivers 100% containment!

No spill kit
No employee training
100% containment guaranteed


Mitigate Risks – Avoid Fines & Penalties

100% Containment / Filtration that’s Easy + Affordable

Who Needs Drain Guardian™?

Any facility that engages in:

Chemical transfer routes (moving chemicals)
Unloading docks
Power washing of pavements


Drain Guardian™ is Easy to Install

Drain Guardian™ is a simple solution that can be added to existing drains with little to no modifications.

Simple to install
Can be added to existing drains
Placed easily underneath the grate

  • Filter pollutants
  • Stop or reclaim losses
  • Just as effective in cold weather
  • 12-guage stainless steel