Storm Drain Filtration Solutions


The CF-S’s media filtration system utilizes variable-density fabrics with advanced engineered qualities to capture and retain a broad spectrum of pollutants to meet rigid regulatory requirements. CF-S has spent countless hours researching and finding the right combinations of materials that can provide optimum stormwater filtration. Our filters achieve the highest level of treatment and meet the most stringent of regulatory requirements. By combining pretreatment and filtration options, The user can be given the ability to target site-specific pollutants and better meet their water quality goals.


Our systems have placed great emphasis on reducing total maximum limit (TMDL) by filtering a range of pollutants, like suspended organics, trash, floatables, sediment, hydrocarbons, dissolved metals and suspended metals, from stormwater runoff at a variety of settings.

A Deeper Look at CF-S Filters

Load determines how effective and for how long any protocol can last. Maintenance is an integral part of ensuring long-term effectiveness of the filter system.  Load dictates maintenance intervals.  That being said, coupling CF-S products like the Drain Guardian can significantly reduce the size of larger LIDs if considered in the design process, therefore giving valuable area back to any given facility.  Land is expensive and Retention Ponds and Rain Gardens do not add to the bottom line.

Material Table

Easy Installation with Long Lasting Durability