Drain Guardian High Flow Filter

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 Best Performance!  CF-S has made the Drain Guardian High Flow Filter 40% larger than its rival.   Making the Drain Guardian High Flow filter capable of lasting longer and removing more!We have spent countless hours researching and finding the right combinations of materials that optimize filtration. In fact, CF-S has worked with various research firms to compile a list of materials that offer the best contact-area ratios while maintaining optimal flow rates.  Bottom Line the Drain Guardian High Flow Filter is the gold standard in stormwater filtration.

  1. Right Materials
  2. Placed in the Right sequence
  3. Higher Flow Rates
  4. Oversized filters (40% larger)
  5. Longer Service Intervals

Material Table

If you do not have flow through the filter you can not filter out pollutants.    The filter materials are important but not as important as the order they are utilized.  Drain Guardian High Flow Filter achieves the highest level of treatment and can help meet the most stringent of regulatory requirements.  The Drain Guardian High Flow Filter  works so great while paying close attention to  reasonable service intervals. These low-maintenance systems, which combine pre-treatment and filtration, simply last longer by maintaining flow through the filter.

We take pride in our abilities to find the right solution for any given challenge and happily offer a General Purpose filter as well as custom filters and filtration solutions for your particular needs. Please contact us to overcome any stormwater filtration challenge, for our filtration technology.

Filters meet and exceed removal rates for local, state and federal EPA requirements.


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4″ – $125, 4″ 3-Pack – $325, 4″ 12-Pack – $1250, 6″ – $135, 6″ 3-Pack – $350, 6″ 12-Pack – $1350, 8″ – $145, 8″ 3-Pack – $375, 8″ 12-Pack – $1450


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