Drain Guardian


The CF-S’s Drain Guardian™ is an effective secondary containment system that utilizes a low impact design (LID) and works with existing stormwater systems. It conveniently gives users the ability to control, filter and stop the flow of stormwater from entering into existing stormwater systems.

Berm Box


The CF-S’s Berm Box primary application is for polishing stormwater captured within existing secondary containment lagoons. The Berm Box™ is designed to be installed on the point of discharge of an existing secondary containment wall or berm and gives the user the ability to control, filter or stop the flow at the point of discharge.

Custom Stormwater Solutions


CF-S works with customers to help develop and solve unique challenges to stormwater pollution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for help with overcoming your stormwater challenges!

Filtration Tile


CF-S filtration products focus on providing general filtration and the ability to zero in on specific challenges. Each of our filtration platforms offers options to better address and target the ever-growing SPCC/EPA regulatory requirements.