Our Senior Management Team

Mike Brasberger Sr.

Mike Brasberger Sr. has been contracting long before dirt was invented. You will be hard pressed to present him with a challenge that he has not encountered and overcome in the past. Mike Sr. is in charge of the day-to-day operations at CF-S, ensuring that we live up to our reputation as a leader in custom containment and filtration solutions. He delights in providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Mike Brasberger Jr.

Mike Brasberger Jr. has a degree in civil engineering and specializes in environmental engineering; he also has an extensive background in contracting and management. In recent years, he has shifted his focus to environmental-stormwater-related controls with great emphasis in spill control and filtration. Mike Jr. has the ability and knowledge to design and install custom solutions to meet any containment and filtration need. Bring your problems to CF-S, and we will find a solution!

Containment & Filtration Solutions (CF-S) is a pioneer in stormwater remediation, specializing in stormwater control and management. At CF-S, our primary concerns are to protect the environment as much as possible as well as safeguard our customers by fitting their facilities with environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions that protect them from releasing potentially dangerous, contaminated stormwater runoff. We are not only committed to doing our part to keep the environment safe, but we also strive to keep our customers from incurring non-compliance fees related to EPA and SPCC regulations.


Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of our water sources by designing innovative and custom solutions that protect vital resources for future generations and reduce the amount of harmful contaminants that enter our waterways through stormwater systems.


We value hard work, attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction.
This being the case, it’s safe to say our values are IDEAL because we:

I     Identify the problem.

D   Define the problem.

E    Explore possible solutions and effects.

A   Put the chosen solution into Action.

L    Look back at the successful outcome and a job well done.

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